NRG Innovations equipped 1971 Chevrolet "OCDCAMARO" January 13 2018

So our new Pro Touring friend Neil a.k.a. ‘’OCDCAMARO” beats up the track in his Gen 2 F-Body ‘71 Camaro and decided to take the plunge and try a quick release setup in his build. So after a very interesting conversation I knew he had done his research and was very particular about what he wanted and needed. You can tell from the photo that he pays close attention to detail.

So after Neil received his authentic parts from he got them into the car right away. Well Neil ran into a small problem when installing the quick release and trying to get the horn work properly. We all know that when adding bolt-ons to your car, sometimes you have to improvise and make it work. It doesn’t work right out of the box every single time. The problem at hand was that GM used a spring and plunger style switch to close the contacts for horn on the stock setup. Normally we hook up a couple wires, make a ground connection and beep beep we have a horn!

Here are the spring and pin that make the switch inside of the tube.

And then, he had a great question: WHAT ARE THOSE! We get this question a lot and nine times out of ten these shims go into the trash. Some people use them to make a ground connection for the horn, but most people toss them out.

Once again after a little bit of research he found his own solution online or at your local auto parts store. The Dorman Universal Horn Wire kit allowed Neil to install his horn and function like it always has without any heavy modification.


If you look closely you can tell that the spring on the end of the wire goes into the stock location inside of the tube that we talked about above.

Neil took my recommendation on a Gen 2.5 Quick Release and you can see the simple wire conversion installed here onto the back of the horn button. He was super happy with the test fit and it was time to get the wheel installed.

Neil opted for a 380mm OMP wheel to complete his setup. With function in mind, the larger wheel allows a full view of his gauge cluster on the dash. He had his eye on a 350mm RST-023MB-R but went with the advice of his Pro Touring buddies for the larger wheel which is also closer to original wheel size.

We can’t be mad about the wheel, it’s all about what best for your ride and how you drive. The car looks great and so does his setup. A special BIG thanks to Neil “OCDCAMARO” for taking the time to help the Pro Touring, muscle car and hot rod community and for educating us here at DRIVENRG so that we can better serve you all as a customer. You can view Neil’s full Vlog of the install here: