I Want A NRG Quick Release! What Do I Need??? February 01 2018

So it’s pretty simple Guys and Gals. No matter what you drive, you need the following three parts.

  1. A Vehicle Specific “NRG Short Hub”. The Short Hub from NRG Innovations is an adapter that mounts to the spline of your steering column. It has a 6 bolt 70mm pattern that mounts directly to a NRG Steering Wheel or a NRG Quick Release.                                                                                               
  2. You can mount any NRG Gen. 1.0 - 3.0 Quick Release once you have chosen your proper Short Hub.Note: The Thin Version Quick Release is not compatible with NRG Short Hubs.                                                           
  3. Use any NRG Steering Wheel, they all work and fit the same as long as you have completed Step 1. You have the option to mount the wheel straight to the Short Hub but please note that some vehicles may require a ½” Spacer to avoid inference with the signal and wiper controls when using a non deep dish wheel.                                                                                   
  4. Once you have everything installed share some pix! Tag us @drivenrg and we will shout you out on IG and FB. Not only that, if you allow us to use the photo for promotional use at a later time, then we will hook you up with a $25 e-Gift card toward your next purchase on www.DriveNRG.com!