NRG-Innovations SK-500 Stealth Shift Knob Review May 18 2014

The new SK-500 "Stealth" Shift knob is a great alternative for tuners to get a better feel for their shift-box. This special application allows drivers to set the shift-knob to a specific height. Perfect for are avid racers that need that "easy to reach" shift, or everyday tuners searching for a better look and feel for their interior. 


The SK-500 Stealth Shift Knob also features a secret compartment on the top of the shift knob. Allowing users to remove the cap from the top, and place goodies or small items within the shift knob itself. Take note, this is only applicable when the shift knob is fully extended upward.  


Here is the Stealth Shift Knob installed inside a Nissan 240SX S13 by FRSport.


Locked and ready to go!


The SK-500 at full extension. This setting may cater more to the racer for a quicker reach to the gearbox, allowing for a faster shift engagement during a race. With so much going on in the cockpit during a race, precious seconds can make a huge improvement!


Perfect height to engage each gear. 


The SK-500 Stealth Shift Knob is a perfect addition to any vehicles interior. With matching style and performance, it's difficult to say no to such an innovative product!


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